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This movie works around a solid storyline and very unconventional plot. The build-up is efficient. There are no unnecessary sequences. It is a million times better than the first one ( I love Dylan Minette, don’t get me wrong). It has a fair ending. I do not usually like tragic endings but I think this one is better off to end that way. People have to pay the price of what they have done and what they have failed to do and face the consequences of their actions (and inactions?). Phoenix deserves better people in her life. Her biological parents are evil. The blind man (played by Stephen Lang) is a monster (as he called himself). I feel bad that they killed Hernandez right away. She could have done more action in the house instead of being helplessly and mercilessly strangulated and hammered to death inside her car.

You might pick up some good parenting styles in this movie. Not the most conventional on the planet but ones that make sense. The important things.

“Now, you are gonna see, what I see. “

Do not eff with a blind Navy Seal.


If you watch, you watch. LOL