Oedipus by Sophocles (Not a review)

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When I was in my fourth year of high school, our teacher in English read us this story and asked us at the end, whose fault the “tragedy” was? Why do you think that it was his or her fault? (Non-verbatim but you already know what I am trying to say. 😉 ) 

Well, guess what my eedeeyet self answered? THE WRITER! Because my brain (at that time)  was not capable of conceiving better reasons to justify my answer. I thought I’d go far with that in mind (Ghorl, how far? Haha). Maybe, far enough that I still keep thinking about it now.

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Let me answer, will you please? But first,  I would like to say something about the rest of the characters (why it’s not their fault)  as I remember them. No cheating (as in googling; okay, just a litol), all right? I could only remember a few, however. 

The Oracle –  I couldn’t blame him (or her) for telling the truth. He (or she)  just told them about his (or her) prophecy. Why did they have to consult an oracle anyway? 

The Shepherd-servant –  I would have done the same. Only evil can leave a baby for dead on a mountainside. Who can turn the other cheek on a conscience’s call? Again, evil.  

Queen Jacosta – Too weak to decide. IMHO! She’s so impossible for allowing her husband to do what they did to Oedipus. I blame her for not standing up for her son and just supported her husband’s ego or power trip or greed? 

Oedipus- The good son that he is,  chose to run away from his (adoptive) parents to prevent the prophecy from happening. Little did he know that by doing so, he’d accidentally fulfill the same. He even punished himself when he found out the truth, even if he knew nothing about his parents, when all of the shitness happened. He was a victim of his father’s greed and his mother’s  subservience. 

So whose fault? 

THE KING- Had he acted like a real father and not some insecure, power-hungry, seedy lout,  he would have prevented the prophecy from happening by keeping his son, loving him like a father should, and teach him the greatest life lessons there are. Rear him up the best way he possibly could. Crown over his own son? What an absolute effer!  Only evil will plan on leaving his own son for dead on a mountain side. Again, evil! Pure filthy evil. Remember, Oedipus ran away when he found out about the prophecy. He never intended to kill his father and marry his mother (the adoptive parents for that matter).   If it’s not real love and honor, I do not know what it is. He would have also  ran away  from them  (or did something else on his will power) upon finding out the fact to prevent it from happening.  Somehow, the king deserved his fate because he’s greedy. He loved power more than his son. His evil deed took the tragic fate upon himself. By wanting (or needing [what a…])to kill his son, he initiated the  impending fulfillment of the prophecy.  

—— I wish I could make my former English teacher proud. LOL Teehee I wish I’d be given a chance at self-redemption. Haha 😂