1…2…3…. jump!!!

… click!!!

Oh no! It should be 1…2… jump!




Uhm. Gosh! Maybe 1…2… click and then jump!!!


1…2… click!!!


Huwattt? No! Okay! Let us do it what more time.


…jum jump jump


…jump jump jump


… jump jump jump

*Ultimately epic-fail JUMP SHOT*

Do you understand my sentiments? How can taking a single photo be that arduos. I mean, it only requires counting, jumping, and clicking and a little “coordinating” on the side and yet I always fail. I am not even after perfection, I just want it to atleast not be that bad to look at. Haha Do you know what I mean? Uh huh! Do not invalidate my feelings come on! What a disgrace in the category of human beings who love jumpshots!?

Well… not anymore!

Maybe, just maybe, it comes with age and experience. When you are 30 something and you still fail at doing one of your favorite, what uh, activities, what does that make you? Ha? Like, dude, I do not know, grow the *explicit* up! kidding!!! It is okay to fail, in the words of a wise man, Mr. Han (played by Jackie Chan) “Life will knock us down. But we choose whether or not to get back up.” Yes this is how deep it could get when we talk about jump shots. LOL All I am saying is, try and try until (hopefully not “you die”) yes you guessed it, you succeed! What now? All of a sudden we despise cliches? Nuh uh! No matter how old we are, where we are in life, we have to somehow believe or have something to believe in.

Oh wow! I cannot believe I went that far. I was just planning to post a photoblog of my jump-shot collection. I call it JAMpshots because I live for the puns. Teehee

Can we start now though? Too much of this blabbering. It gets tiring. :,)

I am going to post a collection of my JAMpshots because… well I do not have a concrete reason. Why not? I guess Not having a reason is a reason anyway.

APRIL 17, 2014 CLTPSJ annual company summer outing in Montemar, Bagac Bataan

Taken on the same date and place as the above photo.

How about a jump to celebrate a win? Team winner!

One of my friends could not believe that I could jump that high. Well guess what? It was not that high. I guess somehow the location created that illusion.

May 13 , 2017 CLTPSJ annual company summer outing in Canyon Cove, Batangas

I cannot remember anything about this trip, except of course the fact that we lost all of the games and it was scortching hot that day. Humid, actually.

December 26, 2017, Lucky Chinatown Mall

Post Christmas lakwatsa with my cousins, nephew, and niece. We had a lot of fun over bingsu, la mien, random jokes and horse-playing. We also did not miss the chance to snap photos with the glimmering lights. It is not everyday that we could pull off a get together so we made the most of it.

March 11, 2018, Fort Santiago

Intramuros Manila

In one of my most favorite places on earth. Intramuros is the place to be if you love history. That’s an unintentional rhyme right there. I guess one does not have to love history to love this place. I need a separate entry to fully express my love for Intramuros.

This is where Dr. Jose Rizal’s traipsed from his prison cell to his death in Bagumbayan. I just realized thst this photo is inappropriate because there is nothing to be happy about being in a place where someone marched to his death, most specifically a revered hero like Dr. Rizal. But hey, is it not what he died for? To have the liberty to take that one heaven of a shot anywhere? I mean, he must be very glad that people appreciate the sacrifice that he made for all of us by visiting this historic place? Yuh, just giving light to what happened a decade and so ago.

Familiar? 😉 The vintage walkway! No fail visit to Intramuros and Luneta whenever my aunts come home from abroad. Family bonding is best spent on places like this.

Chika in 3…2…1…

April 29, 2018, Bario Baretto, Olongapo (Gapo)

How about a jump shot to hide a broken heart? Naks! Dromo! I remember I was mending a broken heart when we went to this place. I was with my two siblings while our parents attended a conference. How we got there is also one for another blog entry because it was so insane.

Gapo is a simple yet, wonderful place. It exudes a lot of good energy, at least the places where we went to. It is an ideal place for relaxation.

May 2, 2018, Eastwood Libis

Memories. Memories. We enjoyed this night even if we were just roaming around and had nowhere else to go. I love the place so I made sure to bring my parents and two siblings there (my father paid for our dinner though haha) and they love it too. The dancing fountain. The bright lights. The last time the five of us went out and had this kind of fun, out of our hometown.

P.S. I was just 65 kilograms on that photo and still considered clinically as obese. Idkwtd! Lol

Taking a jump shot makes me feel comfortable. It is an expression of how I feel. It is a statement that I want to make. Let’s face it, I am hardly photogenic and I do not like filters so I need to get on something that I like and is fun to do and does not need a filter.

It makes me feel that life is worthy of living and the living is worthy of life.

To more jump shots in the nesr future!




I do not have to smile, but I am smiling. 😊

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